Plastic Injection

Industrial Crate

Plastic crate manufactured under the plastic injection process.
The useful life of a 100% recycled plastic crate is 2 to 3 years.
The useful life of each 100% virgin plastic crate is 3 to 5 years.

Canasta de plástico roja vista superior
Slotted Bottom
Plain Bottom
Trapezoidal Bottom

Giant Industrial Crate

Our biggest crate Plain bottom, perfect for bulky products that require more space.

Canasta de plástico verde

Agricultural crate

Our smallest crate, but our strongest. This is ideal for the agricultural industry, mainly heavy tubers.

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Plastic bucket and lid

Plastic bucket and lid, with or without a stopper, designed for the transport of gallons of various uses.

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Responsibility with the environment

Following our commitment to take care of the environment, we make sure that we have minimal waste in our process. In addition, we offer products with recycled materials thanks to the grinding of plastic.

Plastic mill service

We grind damaged plastic crates to reintroduce them into the production process as recycled raw material.